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100 Reasons to Return

Join us for the 100th annual celebration! Rediscover everything you loved about UMD and see what’s new during Homecoming Week 2023.

1 Rub the noses of all the bronze Testudos

2 Wear your oldest, rattiest UMD tee

3 Splash in the ODK Fountain

4 High-five Testudo

5 Check out the new “Wimpy Kid” statue in Stamp

6 Eat a Buffalo chicken wrap on Friday night at South Campus Dining Hall

7 Pump your fists while singing the Maryland Fight Song

8 Get a turtle pin from President Pines

9 Climb the Stamp hill—if you can

10 Step on the Point of Failure and see what happens

11 Taste Pop, #LOCKedIn, Drop It ice cream at the Dairy, honoring UMD’s football coach

12 Test your reflexes with an impromptu game of spikeball

13 Recreate your graduation photo

14 Nosh at the new Yahentamitsi Dining Hall

15 Put your arm around Jim Henson and Kermit

16 Join the Crew in cheering on the men’s soccer team

17 Get startled by a squirrel popping out of a trash can

18 See how the IDEA Factory windows change color, inside and out

19 Visit your old residence hall

20 Learn about UMD’s gravitational-waves pioneer at the Weber Memorial Garden

21 Listen to WMUC live on the radio

22 Pick up a 3D-printed Testudo at the STEM Library Makerspace (or print your own creation!)

23 Marvel at all the grocery stores on Baltimore Avenue

24 Bring the next generation of little Terps to campus

25 Read the inspiring quotes at Frederick Douglass Square

26 See which dirt walking paths are now paved

27 Beat your friends in cosmic bowling or Mario Kart at TerpZone

28 Get motivated by the Do Good sign at Thurgood Marshall Hall

29 Hang in a hammock on McKeldin Mall

30 Check out a free show at The Clarice

31 Ride a Shuttle-UM bus again

32 Toss a Frisbee on the Engineering Fields

33 Walk around the labyrinth at Memorial Chapel

34 Say “aww” to the animals at the Campus Farm

35 Delve into the D.C. punk archives at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library

36 Hum along to the alma mater when the bells toll

37 Eat a crab pretzel at SECU Stadium

38 Stay upright on an e-scooter or e-bike

39 Immerse yourself in Driskell Center art

40 Shout in the echo spot by Montgomery Hall

41 Pet Teddy the UMPD comfort dog

42 Check out Michael Phelps’ record-shattering times at Eppley’s pool

43 Grab a pint at Bentley’s

44 Pop into the Visitor Center, now at The Hotel

45 Count how many new buildings have sprung up since your time

46 Step inside “haunted” Morrill and Marie Mount halls—if you dare

47 Laugh at the annual SEE Comedy Show

48 Kick off the weekend with music, games and fireworks at Terp Carnival

49 Enjoy the Nyumburu Cultural Center’s Juke Joint

50 Stock up on new Terp gear at the UMD bookstore

51 Play 18 holes at the Golf Course

52 Get a gyro and fries at Marathon Deli

53 Stroll in the shade of Willow Walk

54 Take the UMD Black history tour

55 Munch on footlong mozzarella sticks at The Hall CP

56 Hunt for T-shirt giveaways

57 Get lost in the stacks at McKeldin Library

58 Admire student artwork at the Clarvit Courtyard

59 Sip Terrapin Pride Wine at the Alumni Association tailgate

60 Get a spacey-looking selfie in the Physical Sciences Complex atrium

61 Drop in on your favorite professor

62 Visit the “I’d rather be studying” Sara Bellum plaque at Taliaferro Hall

63 Hike to the Wooded Hillock

64 Try to find the Vietnam-era Huey helicopter on campus

65 Dance in the end zone at Tuesday Night Lights

66 Find your brick on Legacy Plaza (or sign up for one!) at Riggs Alumni Center

67 Clap along to the Mighty Sound of Maryland

68 Rekindle the flame in the “kissing tunnel” under Regents Drive

69 Watch the future of flight take off in the Brin Drone Lab

70 Gasp when the giant Maryland flag is unfurled at the game

71 Fly a paper airplane across the Architecture Building’s Great Space

72 Spot superfan and ESPN co-host Scott Van Pelt

73 See the newest Alumni Association lifetime members’ names unveiled

74 Peep the first on-campus rails for the state’s Purple Line

75 Belt out the Victory Song after every touchdown

76 Catch some z’s in a McKeldin Library nap pod

77 Spy some real turtles at Lake Artemesia

78 Hand-print a sign to take home at the BookLab

79 Swap #1 Liquor for the best cold brew at Vigilante Coffee

80 Discover alums’ inventions at the Kim Building’s Hall of Innovators

81 Stock up on dark chocolate peanut butter cups at Trader Joe’s

82 Smell the flowers at a campus pollinator garden

83 See the inner workings of the Kim Building on display

84 Score a point at a volleyball game on LaPlata Beach

85 Fly high with your future Terp at the College Park Aviation Museum

86 Bump into long-lost friends

87 Count how quickly you reach 10,000 steps on campus

88 Make a late-night snack run at Insomnia Cookies

89 Take in the view of McKeldin Mall from the steps of Main Admin

90 Complete the 5K College Park parkrun along Paint Branch Trail

91 Introduce yourself to a current student and compare notes

92 Watch the “Beyond the Field” Homecoming Address with a friend when it streams

93 Find fresh produce at the Farmers Market at Tawes Plaza

94 Don’t cut corners: Devour a Ledo pizza

95 Sample a local brew at the Homecoming Beer Garden

96 Run up the Xfinity Center stairs like Rocky

97 Take a photo by the M

98 Bring your Maryland boards and crush at cornhole

99 Do like Demi (Moore in “St. Elmo’s Fire”) and stroll across Frat Row

100 Cheer UMD’s record-shattering QB to victory